We review the new single from Future Cavemen – Chalk Lines

Transporting listeners back to the early noughties, Future Cavemen could easily become the next Beck and you heard it here first. An impactful garage-rock single that reflects how alienating modern society can be, ‘Chalk Lines‘ continuously builds as each section goes by.

Recorded at Squarehead Studios in Kent and engineered by Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian, Bears Den), ‘Chalk Lines’ feels like a vital listen simply because it covers topics that, as humans, we always try to avoid. Outlining the state of the world and how we always try to push confrontation aside, Future Cavemen’s new single feels hard-hitting in places purely because the message isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Just over four and a half minutes long, you may feel a bit annoyed that the track isn’t as short and radio-worthy as other contenders. Nevertheless, ‘Chalk Lines’ walks all over anything else you’ll hear this month.

Easily one of the strongest releases of September, the alternative rock offering is inclined to leave listeners feeling empowered and euphoric. Taken from their highly anticipated debut EP, due out later this year, if that release is in the same sort of vein as ‘Chalk Lines’, Future Cavemen will become the talk of the UK.

One of the finest UK bands to emerge in a very long time.