We review the new single from Gabrielle Ornate, its time to Rewrite the Rules

An artist that’s been at the top of my list to see live as soon as it’s viable, Gabrielle Ornate will instantly become an artist you’ll love from the first note you hear.

Returning with inspiring new single ‘Rewrite the Rules‘, Gabrielle’s known for her bohemian style music that would easily fit in every decade since the 60s. Think the eccentricity of Kate Bush, the songwriting of St Vincent mixed with the psychedelic soundscapes of Tame Impala and you’ll encounter Gabrielle’s main influences.

‘Rewrite the Rules’ showcases Gabrielle making it known that she is forever changing the rules of her own game.

Creating music that she wishes to create, the new single is a declaration of empowerment and freedom. Choosing to follow her own destiny and not be influenced by other people’s opinions, this motivational number could leave anyone feeling empowered and ready for their next challenge.

Merging feel-good melodies and an infectious chorus that won’t leave your head anytime soon, this upbeat anthem will have you on your feet in no time. My favourite part of the whole track is the production, it’s ethereal and comes across as an out-of-this-world persona.

Someone get this artist a record deal already – she ticks all the boxes.