We review the new single from Gallaher’s Green – Young Man’s Game

Delivering a cool classic rock sound, Gallaher’s Green hit hard with punchy riffs, anthemic vocals, and catchy lyrics. Pairing sing-a-long lyrics with screaming guitars, there’s nothing not to love in the Manchester rocker’s latest offering.

Reminiscent of the sounds of Primal Scream and Foo Fighters this romping rock tune clocks in at just under three minutes, the perfect radio single. Gallaher’s Green pack a lot into that time, with a screaming distorted guitar riff that expands brilliantly into a face melting solo. As is often the case with songs such as these, the drums and bass provide the ever consistent backbone of the song. They blend beautifully together, acting as the perfect structure to allow the guitarist to explore the sonic landscape of the song. Frenzied and energetic, the instrumentation in ‘Young Man’s Game’ is wonderfully balanced, allowing the guitars and vocals to shine where they need to without underplaying the vital work of the bass and drums.

The vocal performance in ‘Young Man’s Game’ give the single it’s anthemic quality. You can just about imagine a venue packed full of people clapping and singing along to “Listen to your music, it’s driving me insane, everybody’s saying it’s a young man’s game!” Husky vocals to enjoy here, and deliver a solid performance.

There’s nothing particularly new or innovative here, but it sure is a hell of a rock song. Why re-invent the wheel when yours turns so perfectly?

Gallaher’s Green give us everything we’re looking for and more with their new single ‘Young Man’s Game’. It’s 100% energy and charisma, and you can just imagine what it’s going to sound like live! Solid vocals, fantastic studio mix, and brilliant guitars, what more could ask for.