We review the new single from Gathering Of Strangers – Red And Gold

Classic indie riffs and deep piercing vocals define this new single from Gathering Of Strangers. Their second single of the year, they seem to be gaining some real momentum and improving with each offering, and Red And Gold is no exception to the trend.

Much like what we’ve heard from them previously, this new single is flooded with vibrancy, launching itself straight in with rousing riffs which grab you from the off and set the tone for what is to be three minutes and indie-pop perfection. The beauty of the track lies in its simplicity, its one to pick you up out of a slumber and instantly raise your mood, and they’ve found a real knack for doing that now that its almost becoming predictable.

When describing the meaning behind the song, frontman Conor Rabone confirmed that the Red And Gold refers to the colours which adorn the sky during sunset, and with its uplifting melodies and anthemic chorus it definitely feels to prepare you for a night out.

Its energy is unrelenting from start to finish and when combined with the almost agonising levels of catchiness it possesses it becomes the ultimate feel-good summer tune.

Red And Gold, in short, captures the best bits of the environment it was created in. It pushes away all the negatives that linger around and lifts you up with magnificent splendour. It’s a track to dance around to as you bathe in the summer sun, and will undoubtably be one that is also received rapturously in their ever-evolving life repertoire. Another success to add to their growing list.