We Review The New Single From Gemma Felicity – Better Without You

Gemma Felicity’s vocals soar over lyrics that tackle a relatable theme for many in her latest single, Better Without You.

Despite a guitar lick that feels overdone throughout the verse, Gemma’s vocals feel the hurt of previous experiences in the form of a toxic partner. The overall song is self-explanatory in its title with a focus on moving on from those who have hurt you and learning to love yourself.

A journey that is no easy feat is carried over wavy synth notes in the chorus with Gemma’s delicately light vocals drifting into the bass of the electronics. It’s a match made well and demonstrates the variety of instruments Gemma uses in her tracks, but also that she is more than a singer performing over a cliché guitar track.

The track also tackles subjects such as mental health and trauma which are all important factors to face and deal with in the situation the song presents. What is important about Gemma’s songwriting is that everything feels real and nothing is left off the table and that’s why fans will really click with her.

One of the biggest lyrical highlights mentions the fact Gemma is a Taurus and plays on the words nicely saying that she is notorious for being jealous. A good lyricist can get an important message across but when adding wordplay that suitably fits the situation really pats the back of Gemma’s creativity.

A catchy chorus with big electronic production and words that cut deep present Gemma Felicity as a voice needing to be heard.