gemma felicity chaotic
gemma felicity chaotic


Gemma Felicity is a breath of fresh air in the pop music scene with her deeply moving single Chaotic. The single is taken from Gemma’s upcoming EP Baggage, and with that, this track carries lots of emotional baggage.

With musical stylings like Self Esteem and Sigrid but more isolated, Gemma takes on the subjects of life, mental health, and relationships. Chaotic tackles indecisiveness, impulsivity, and commitment. Taking on many of life’s issues, it’s understandable and commendable for Gemma to delve deep into her ADHD and how it affects everyday life.

The lyrics discuss trying to love and fear security and take us into a window into Gemma’s relationship with intimacy and the future. Other subjects tackled are about progressing as a person, enjoying life, and being brought down to everyday maintenance tasks.

Chaotic is a relatable and admirable track that explains how everyone has different paths in life. Simultaneously it tackles personal issues and why our habits may be the root problem. Gemma’s vocals sound sincere and honest. The lack of harmonies throughout the majority of Chaotic presents Gemma as someone emptying their deepest feelings to the world.

The electro-pop sound that Gemma features in Chaotic develops along well with the lyrics and themes. The bass beats are a build-up with the emotive expression and the synth drops are ambient. They create an atmosphere that sincere pop songs did so well in the 2000s.

The chorus of beats and rising major synths present the feeling of optimism. It gives the impression that Gemma is moving on but also benefitting everyone around. She is not ready to commit like the other person involved, but at the same time, she has her life to live. The subtlety in a lot of electronic pop engages the vocals in a way other genres can’t. It acts as a gentle river carrying all feeling.

Gemma Felicity has produced a deeply thought-provoking piece of music. Everything feels honest here and Gemma doesn’t hold anything back.