We review the new single from Gemma Rogers – Rabbit Hole

Fall down the Rabbit Hole of Gemma Rogers’ discography, you won’t be left feeling disappointed. An artist with layers of credibility simply because of her repertoire consistently exceeding expectations, you’ll find yourself always leaning towards leaving Gemma’s music on repeat.

Taken from Gemma’s forthcoming debut album ‘No Place Like Home’, due to be released in Spring 2022, ‘Rabbit Home’ details stepping into a happy, simple time where everything just leaves you with a grin from ear to ear. After the hell of a year we’ve all been through, ‘Rabbit Hole’ feels like the remarkable, timeless offering we all needed.

Irresistibly original from the very first note, the prominent electro-pop single escape mainstream music and looks back to the nostalgic period of the 80s with a strong gaze.

Wrapped around a youthful attire, ‘Rabbit Hole’ looks at the world through a pair of optimistic eyes and speaks about London’s ever-changing landscape.

Using lo-fi elements to convey its nostalgic persona, ‘Rabbit Hole’ feels polished yet you can still hear subtle imperfections. Stating that imperfections can make our perfections pop out more, the consistently electronic production feels slightly robotic yet Gemma’s vocals are forever organic and vibrant.

Overall, this is certainly a track I’d stick on again time and time again purely because of its gorgeous message.

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