We review the new single from Gerard Frain – Remember

South Yorkshire songwriter Gerard Frain presents his debut release ‘Remember’ – a delicate introspection entirely “homegrown in lockdown”.

With no access to a studio or other musicians, the artist took initiative with creating the track and it pays off. Written and recorded in his tiny council house room in Doncaster, there’s a simple no frills approach to ‘Remember’ that feels organic and natural – and makes for a beautiful listen.

Opening with the warm and full strumming of an acoustic guitar, a steady soothing pace is set. Layered vocals from Frain forge some melodic yet melancholic harmonies which feel very 60’s folk-inspired. Particularly reminiscent of the Beatles and some of George Harrison’s own work. A musical interlude features an intricately climbing guitar solo that is both wistful and playfully sweet.

Lyrically, ‘Remember’ reflects on love lost. A wondering aloud of what went wrong in a failed relationship and “dreaming of the past”. “The last thing I remember was a feeling of regret / And it lingers like a weight upon my shoulders / It lingers on..”

Raw and personal, almost like reading a page ripped from Frain’s diary or eavesdropping outside his bedroom door – it’s a great juxtaposition between achingly sensitive words and an irresistibly toe-tapping beat. The accompanying DIY music video documents lockdown in an 8mm film format and gives us a look inside Gerard Frain’s world during this time of solitude.

As a track, ‘Remember‘ not only showcases the artist’s songwriting and musicality, but also his clear refreshing creativity.

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