We review the new single from Goldenbloom – CHIN UP

The chomping at the bit attitude of goldenbloom’s sound is something that’s not easy to forget, and it just so happens that they’re using it to channel exactly the right message.

‘CHIN UP’ is London-based four-piece goldenbloom’s first single of the year, and it certainly isn’t a timid one. Thumping drums meet heavy-hitting riffs to produce a guns blazing approach to making noise. 

However, as you listen to the somewhat intimidating vocals on the track you’ll realise that the tongue-in-cheek lyrics carry a much weightier meaning behind them than you might first think.

Lines like ‘you got 99 problems and you told no one’ and ‘I heard that you’ll be fine’ bring to the forefront the band’s intentions to address the importance of talking about men’s mental health.

The band explain that ‘CHIN UP’ was ‘written about the fragile mentality of men’s mental health’ and ‘looks at normalising communicating feelings between men while breaking the walls of toxic masculinity’. It’s a vital message to spread, and an admirable choice from goldenbloom to use their music as a vehicle for this message.

Musically ‘CHIN UP’ does not do a great deal to test boundaries and provide something new. It seems to follow the pattern of in-your-face post-punk music that has seen a burst into the limelight over recent years.

But that does not mean to say it isn’t a spirited and rousing song that will get any crowd moving, it just means that it would be great to see goldenbloom test themselves and do more to make future releases something we’ve never heard before.