We review the new single from Gone By Nin9 – Bad Decisions

Triumphant and melodic, ‘Bad Decisions’ is the raucous new single from Texas Alt Rock band Gone By Nin9.

Opening with acoustic guitars, Gone By Nin9 gives little to no indication of where this song is heading in the opening seconds of their new single. Heavily distorted guitars make a surprise entrance and we hurtle to the true sound of the song and the band.

Sweet vocals with mellow backing vocals contrast beautifully against the heavy instrumentation, showing the versatility and range this band possesses. This song builds beautifully, creating peaks and troughs in the energy leading to an exciting listening experience. Excellent musicianship and song craft is on show here, as Gone By Nin9 masterfully control the listeners expectations. Delivering all that is expected from an Alt Rock song, from a heavy breakdown to melodic choruses, Gone By Nin9 achieve this in a way that is refreshing and original, creating a sound that is authentically their own.

This is the first of a series of singles due to drop this year, and ‘Bad Decisions’ sets the tone well for what is set to be an exciting season for this relatively new act. Formed in 2020, Gone By Nin9 have grown in popularity, playing shows at Kermit Celebration Days and Bike Festivals. Gearing up for their support slot with Saliva, Gone By Nin9 are heading into an action packed second half of the year.

Bad Decisions’ is bold and carefree, electric guitars swirl while the drums drive the song forward. Falling away to let the vocals take centre stage, the instrumentation in this track is everything you need it to be – energetic and supportive. The result is a fantastically produced song that is both exciting and interesting.