Grace Ackerman is a 26 year old, singer songwriter from Watford. With her first release in 2017, she set the stage for her ongoing career as an artist. Releasing many more singles and gaining an audience, Grace now has millions of listens to her name.

This track begins with a simple piano part with some lovely harmonies over the top. This warms you up for what is to come in terms of pure vocal talent. The soft, warm vocal lines over the piano work perfectly as a slow song, but as the chorus picks up and the rest of the instruments come forward it reveals a whole other side to the song.

Hearing the choir-like vocals coming in after a short drop in instrumentation gives goosebumps. The drums coming in here work perfectly to thicken out the texture and lead into the next verse. The quiet, smooth guitar comes in for pieces in the second verse. This helps add some new sounds to the mix and avoid repetition.

Throughout the song, the main focus is clearly the vocals and the lyrical content. With lyrics like “I’d like to meet you in the middle of a two way street”, it is a song about a frustration of not being with someone. Although it is yet another love song, it does it very well, to a fantastic standard. With rises and dips in dynamics to bring the listener further in constantly. The use of different instrumentation and dynamics really helps to break up the base of the song which only consists of a piano and vocals.

Overall, the track is masterfully written, performed and mixed and I’m very excited to see where Grace goes next.