Drawing previous attention from the likes of BBC Introducing, A&R Factory and RGM in 2022, the alt-rock quartet Green Wire seems to have lit a match that sparked their trajectory as Manchester alt-rock trailblazers.

They had set themselves up in such a way that there were high expectations for their 2023 debut single but they knocked it out of the park completely so there’s no reason to think these guys aren’t a strong attention garnering band. Starting out with a pleasing guitar screech, falling into poetically well-written lyrics blended seamlessly into a classic sounding headbanger you want to dance along to, it’s enjoyable blast of energy worthy of your car karaoke.

With harmonious riffs and the balance of euphony and grit within lead singer Simons voice works so well that if you were told this was a famous, well funded band you wouldn’t bat an eye because it would be entirely believable.

There’s little that gives away that they are a new band rather than one who have been doing this for years and are still finding their sound.

It definitely feels like a quintessential indie banger that you’ll have playing on loop in your brain even well after you’ve played it and they themselves are evidently proud of this track and you can hear why.

With a Manchester tour date coming up with RGM punk darlings “Regal Cheer” at 33 Oldham Street (solid show for Valentine’s Day) it would appear Green Wire have nowhere to go but up from here.