We Review The New Single From Green Wire – Upside Down, Inside Out

For a bio that encourages their fans to have a ‘cheeky dance’ I grow worried when I’m about to press play, however, my expectations were blown out of the water with the explosive track that is Upside Down, Inside Out by Green Wire.

With chunky guitars and a big chorus vocal delivery the Manchester indie rock provides variety and flare to a flowing and catchy number. The drumming display is a huge takeaway from this piece with the intention to fill as many gaps as possible with sticks rolling around the kit. This isn’t your average 4/4 indie band.

Clocking in at 2:42, it’s a track that doesn’t need to be longer, but I also wouldn’t mind hearing that chorus one more time. It’s an uplifting piece with guitar production that presents the instrumentation as something that’s not quite clean, but not too overdriven at the same time. It’s a healthy balance of accessible and in-your-face indie rock.

The sections of the track flow so instantly that the consistency of the rhythm and lead guitars dance from verse to chorus like the two were destined to be intertwined.

It’s the kind of track that doesn’t need to do much talking in the bridge and lets the instrumentation do the talking. We’re all here for that chorus so let’s enjoy it as much as possible.