We review the new single from H2whoa – CYBA?

Originally from the Wirral and now residing in Germany, solo artist Ash Dunne (more commonly known as ‘H2whoa’) is an electronic/indie rock musician, releasing cyber-themed works fronted by a cartoon robot.

H2woah’s latest release ‘CYBA?’ is an animated concoction of quirky synth melodies and layered atmospheric pads which certainly embodies a ‘cyber’-like feeling. The arrangement as a whole feels as if it was composed with the intent of accompanying the loading screen of a sci-fi video game, the composition holds a subtle amount of tension to allow sparks of anticipation to perk here and there and holds a sturdy tempo to assist with a rhythmic style of gameplay.

But other than that, CYBA? doesn’t really provide the energy needed for a single to hold itself as a strong release; there’s nothing fundamentally unpleasant about the track, it just lacks an imperative air of excitement. Though there are a number of different textural synthesisers features throughout the track, the limited instrumental choices feel restrictive; the addition of instrumentation with a dryer feel could have provided the track with some needed variation, as there are times throughout CYBA? Where is almost feels like a school garage-band project.

CYBA?  just feels a little too ‘fun’ to be taken seriously as a stand-alone single, instead feeling like it’s been plucked straight out of a videogame from our younger years. Though certainly sparking an element of nostalgia, the individualistic nature of the track is left remaining quite cloudy.

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