We review the new single from Hannah Lamb – ‘I need U’

This week i have had the pleasure of reviewing the new single, released on the 3rd of September, by Soloist Hannah Lamb.

The song lyrically is beautifully put together as it is about realising where you’ve gone wrong in a relationship and how you’ve hurt someone, only for the pain you’ve caused to make you realise how much you need that person. There’s a desperation of realising how sorry you are, even though these feelings often come too little too late for the most part, which is encaptured perfectly by Hannah’s lyrics.

Hannah has been posting covers on Youtube for the better part of seven years. This is also the place where she began to showcase her original songs such as ‘Leave’ and ‘Who’d have known?’. I feel this gives her start to music a much more organic feel, as she isn’t mainstream made but yet is still so talented, which is also presented by her newly released songs such as ‘I need U‘.

The chorus of the song is fairly catchy and immediately draws you into falling in love with the song as this is where instrumentally, the song certainly starts to kick in which could represent how the feeling of regret often sets in when you hurt someone you love.

With similar acts such as Pheobe Bridgers, as a soloist, Hannah is certainly making a good impression on those of us that enjoy the more ‘heartbreaking’ side of song writing and is certainly an artist that has left me wanting more content from her. Although the tempo of the song may be fairly upbeat and the melody a much more happy than melancholic song, Hannah has created an amazing song that i’m sure will make its appearance onto those sad Spotify playlists we all pretend that we’re not sad enough to listen to, very soon.