We review the new single from Harpa – Hollow

 “If this is the cost of love, or at least loving in the only way I know how, then do I want to feel at all?”

It only takes reading this line to know that you’re not in for a light-hearted sing-along. These are words from Nottingham singer-songwriter Harpa’s brand new single ‘Hollow’. 

Filled with all the ethereal and elegant qualities we heard in her previous release, her debut single ‘I’ve Been in Love Before’, but this time she’s brought a classic rock edge to her sound that broadens what we first thought she had in her locker. 

This is a track of love and pain. There’s an outpour of emotion that carries the song, as Harpa channels an immensity of feeling through her performance.

Discussing the song, she says ‘Hollow’ is ‘about the cost of loving with your entire being… the anguish of feeling yourself falling again, knowing the price you will have to pay, and being helpless; unable to stop yourself. It’s about a vicious cycle of pouring yourself into someone, leaving yourself empty, and somehow finding the will to do it all over again.’.

There’s an element of the production that skirts along a fine line of sounding cringey, as the drums boom and the guitar buzzes with an arguable dad-rock noise. It might be that the track needs some more subtle tones that are less in your face, but it manages to get away with it.

Nevertheless, Harpa is still building excitement around her name and hopefully, we get to see more from her soon. I’m sure with time we’ll only see her get better and better.