We Review the New Single From Harry Lavin – From A Window

As one might expect of Manchester’s Harry Lavin, bassist of northern indie royalty Twisted Wheel and now a solo artist in his own right, his latest single ‘From A Window’ is a visceral, lightly psychedelic slice of indie rock. Though harbouring echoes of Manc heroes such as the Gallaghers or The Stone Roses, there’s plenty of Lavin’s own personality included to keep it from feeling derivative.

Having cut his teeth as a musician from the early age of 15, Lavin’s aim with his solo material was to channel both the primitive and prolific early days of his career, before polishing any rough edges using the knowledge he’d gained playing in Twisted Wheel. The result is a track that possess the energy and enthusiasm of youth, yet delivers it with a professional flourish.

Three and a half minutes of driving indie with an undercurrent of post-punk bands such as Interpol, it’s hard to argue that there’s a distinctly Manchester vibe that permeates the entirety of the track, but unlike other similar releases from Manchester artists, ‘From A Window’ possess a quiet darkness and subtle psychedelia, that make it stand out from the rest.

Indeed, though something of a departure from the spacious and airy debut ‘Where’s Home?’, the two tracks together showcase different sides to someone already familiar to indie fans across Manchester and further afield, but that’s making a name for themselves as a solo artist now too. We can’t wait to hear more.