We review the new single from Harry Lavin – Where’s Home?

When releasing a debut single there’s a lot of pressure placed upon it. It’s not just releasing a song, but it’s setting the tone that gives your music an identity and tells listeners exactly what they should expect. You need a song that makes an instant impression.

In this instance we are provided with ‘Where’s Home?’, the reverb-heavy indie-rock debut single from Harry Lavin.

Straightforward chords and twangy guitar melodies make for a simple but catchy musical backing. Underlying the musical jangle is a drumbeat provided by Ben Robison, Lavin’s bandmate from Twisted Wheel. This rhythm drives the song and goes a long way in keeping you interested to move along with the track.

Lavin’s droning vocals carry an element of the Madchester sound that we hear so often. It’s a real giveaway of where the Manchester musician is based.

Whilst ‘Where’s Home?’ certainly puts Harry’s music in its place in the music scene, it could definitely do more to keep the listener involved. There’s elements that have the potential to be great earworms, but the track has a very minimal chorus and struggles to emphasise the catchy melodies it contains. 

Fortunately, it won’t be long before we get another release from Lavin. With a run of singles already waiting to be released, Harry is setting himself up to get off the mark quickly. Hopefully we’ll see him make better use of his ability to write snappy and memorable tunes.

We’ll have to wait and see, but for now we have ‘Where’s Home?’. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!