We review the new single from Hayes and Y – I Never Give Up (It’s Never Enough)

Be prepared to walk into this single and suddenly feel like you’ve been transported back to the 1980s days of synth-pop and new wave. I don’t say this lightly, because Hayes & Y’s new single ‘I Never Give Up (It’s Never Enough)’ is laced with synth groove from head to toe.

Following their recent popular single ‘How To Say No’ the band are not waiting around, as this new single is coming quickly after.

Despite the quick release, the song does not fall short. Its dancing basslines and playful rhythms make it an absolute must when it comes to getting up and moving, which is emphasised further by the intricate, soothing harmonies. You can’t help but shift to the beat.

Whilst the musical side of the track can only be described as infectious and fresh, the story behind the track sounds all too familiar.

Explaining it themselves, Hayes & Y said “’I Never Give Up (It’s Never Enough)’ is an extension of the exhaustion every artist feels from time to time. The last couple of years have been particularly hard for our trade and I’ve seen so many bands break up recently. It’s about the balance between ambition and satisfaction, something that I’ve personally found very challenging.”.

Yes, the pandemic was difficult for a lot of people. I think we’re well aware of that. But at this point it’s time to start singing about something else, because it’s all becoming a bit of a tiresome subject.

Nevertheless, as long as they don’t sing about it in every song, it won’t get too irritating to hear about from the Manchester band. They’ve still given us a funky little dance tune after all.

Listen to ‘I Never Give Up (It’s Never Enough)’ down below, and let us know what you think!