Heavy Salad – who describe themselves as a seven-piece creating ‘a cosmic slop of melodic ‘90s tinged rock and psychedelic ‘60s inspired pop’ – are a curious prospect. Primed with face-melting reverb pedals and group-sung choruses, they’ll appeal to the whimsical minds of those who fought pink robots with The Flaming Lips.

With a follow up to 2020’s ‘Cult Casual’ on the way, ‘Wrong Window’ is an auspicious insight into the band’s sophomore album. It’s less ‘cosmic slop’ and more ‘cosmic pop’ – for Heavy Salad’s latest single is guided by a sheen a pop sensibility. There’s no loss of authenticity, but ‘Wrong Window’s chorus is a true earworm – supremely catchy even if the vocal performance is somewhat underwhelmingly timid.

But the song’s interest is to be found within its lyrics, exploring the peculiarity of responding to a message, before deleting this written retort. ‘I’m gonna reply there’s gonna be an outcry’ the protagonist remarks, only to find that their message has been typed in the ‘wrong window.’

But what is the wrong window? Is this window a phone screen or is it insular? The consistent stream of writing, whether sent, deleted or otherwise, contributes towards a state or moral decadence. ‘Message deleted can I tell if the damage is done?’ But the damage is internal, in that writing the message allowed its author to vent, remonstrate or disagree unhealthily. It’s an idiosyncratic but fascinating idea and Heavy Salad takes it to increasingly thoughtful and admirable avenues.