We review the new single from Hideaway Club – Some Day See

It’s hard sometimes trying to nail down an exact genre that you fall into, especially when you toe the lines of various genres. But that’s the mission of Hideaway Club. They don’t quite fall under indie, or noise rock. It’s rather something in-between, especially with Some Day See, their latest single. It’s definitely under the alternative umbrella, but it’s unusual in a way that drifts outside the conventional lines.

Regardless, there’s this ethereal energy to Some Day See from the get-go. With its wailing synth and heavily distorted guitars. From start to finish they’re pushed into this gentle and distorted noise style chords that begin to sound less and less like guitars. It gives a strange atmosphere, one of melancholy and sadness, but not an unpleasant and heavy feel. 

Where heavier artists will tune their guitars to give off a crunchy and deep feel, here they’re made to do the opposite. Made into a floaty and weird sound that sounds like a heavily edited sitar instead. 

Keeping on with this theme is the bass, drums and percussion. The bass is much more traditional, but it’s a low feel that’s like a gentle purr in the back of the song that sort of gets lost in the moment. It’s there but not there, like a ghost of an instrument left on the track. Similarly, the drums are much more pronounced, but fall into that noise feel once again. They’re melded into this huge amorphous sound that encapsulates the song entirely, bringing it all together in a gentle hug. 

The percussion is subtle to perfection, with the gentle rattle of a tambourine shaking slipping in at moments to give a flavour to the track that spices it up a tad. It’s this whole idea that Some Day See feels like it’s based on. Making this big, moody guitar sound that brings in these smaller elements to give it life. 

The vocals as well are equally moody, with a downbeat delivery that fits the tone and story of the track. Delivered in a slightly breathy feel, but one with a knowing attitude. As the vocals sing that the subject will ‘some day see’. It’s this sad longing feel that really drives home the feel of the song as a whole and rounds out the surprisingly subdued song. 

Overall, Some Day See certainly brings a different kind of indie feel to the table. One that Hideaway Club have described as Melodic Alternative. It’s a label that fits but feels a little lost.

With this only being Hideaway Club’s second single, no doubt the rest will come with time.