We review the new single from Higher Sights – Wanna Make You See

A shimmering indie anthem from the Buckinghamshire three-piece which weaves between sparkling, big backing instrumentally backed choruses and minimalist versus to keep you on your toes throughout.

As their name suggests, they claim their aim is to help you lift your chin with music that spreads positivity, and the vibrancy and sheer persistence of riffs within this track do just that. There’s slight hints of REM in there somewhere in the ways their sound seems to lift and fall so effortlessly, but the big chorus is pure britpop, and will have anyone up singing along as soon as they are playing it live.

Their biggest strength, it has to be said, it in the simplicity of their writing. They have created in Wanna Make You See, a track which is harmonious in places, and beautifully melodic throughout. It draws you in with the softer, slightly distant vocals, only to blow you away again when the next big riff comes in, and repeats and repeats relentlessly, never tiring from start to finish.

If they do want to be the band that’s going to help you forgot about everything else and just immerse yourself in the music, this is the way to do it. It finds a great balance somewhere between being raw and being enjoyable, allowing you to simultaneously feel lost in its melodies and hungry to get up and bounce along to its rhythms. A great offering, not to be missed.