We review the new single from Hollows – ‘Enough (These Bones)

‘Enough (These Bones)’ is the brand new single from Manchester based Alt-Rock band Hollows. Continuing their streak of writing bright up beat music sourced from misery, ‘Enough (These Bones)’ hits all the marks you want from a good Indie Rock single. Vocal heavy, this single has strong riffs and interesting guitar textures that have you hooked from the first listen.

Opening with a comfortingly mellow sound, Hollows build their single upto a climax as they gradually give us more sounds and textures. Ramping their energy up notch by notch as the song progresses through to the middle 8. This is the standout moment of the track, as vast backing vocals open up a wealth of space in the mix, delivering a Biffy Clyro-esque break. Hollows really shine in this section of the song, showing their true capabilities as songwriters.

On the whole, ‘Enough (These Bones)’ isn’t making any strides forward, and doesn’t do anything too out of the ordinary, however there is something really enjoyable about this song. The mix gives us a nice balance between guitars, drums and vocals which presents a mature sound. Hollows pair their poetic lyrics with guitar driven arrangements and achieve a happy balance between the varying elements of the track.

Capped off with the effective middle 8 section, ‘Enough (These Bones)’ features soaring melodies that elevate the song and hold our interest throughout the song. It’s not a surprise to learn that Hollows have received extensive support from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, XS Manchester, Rick Witter’s Disco Down and WAM Radio. Their songwriting offers impeccable musicianship, powerful vocals and memorable melodies that capture the essence of each song’s subject.

‘Enough (These Bones)’ is a triumphant new single for Hollows, championing a defiant and vibrant sound. The single will be released on all major music platforms on the 25th March 2022