We review the new single from Hollows – ‘Ghosts

Exploding with energy, ‘Ghosts is a dynamic and exciting new single from Manchester based alternative rock band. Stripped back verses contrast with raucous and energetic choruses giving this song plenty of dynamism, creating a sonic journey with the structure.

Inspired by supernatural events that occurred during front man Sean Davies’ childhood, the lyrics and screaming guitars bring out the story of the song. Screaming guitars bring haunted houses to mind, cleverly emulating the storyline in the instrumentation. The initial paranormal inspiration is broadened in the lyrics to reflect the unsettling fear pushing insecurities aside and progressing from past traumas and problems.

Sean’s vocals shout above the mix with an edgy roughness, elevating the energy of the verses, and rising to match the feeling of the chorus. The chorus is vibrant and busy, vocals and guitars vying for attention. As this dies away for each new verse, a beautiful sense of space is created, allowing Hollows to build it up again in time for the next chorus. Structurally there is a pleasant pattern to the track, with the arrangement allowing the talent of each band member to come to the fore. A ripping guitar from Liam Lewis closes out the track, with relentless drums and bass driving the song forward and providing an ever-constant sense of pace provided by Dan Dyson on drums and Jack Barnes on bass.

Having played support to SPACE and Peter Hook & The Light, Hollows embarked on a successful summer tour, building on their live skills and playing electrifying shows across the UK. You can hear the potential for their live sound in ‘Ghosts’, and there’s no doubt this will sound incredible on a live stage.

Overall, ‘Ghosts’ is a punchy release, with searing guitar lines that ring in your ears long after the final note has been played. The lead vocals show a great range and versatility, performing both energetic choruses and stripped back intimate verses with ease. ‘Ghosts’ delivers alternative rock to perfection, and signals the start of Halloween season in style.