Despite the track’s title, Holly Riva doesn’t hide away her talents on the new single, Labyrinth (Mask Of Me). The Australian and British-based singer had a prestigious 2023 full of accolades and music. Now she’s back with her powerful and ethereal new single.

Holly Riva has worked with some big names in music including former Smiths member, Craig Gannon. A winner of prestigious awards in America and working alongside career launches, at 20 she has achieved quite a lot.

Labyrinth (Mask Of Me) is an example of why she has received such recognition. With collaborations of notable names and a wide octave range, plus classical training she gives it her all vocally. The track is a mash-up of different genre elements.

From dance to pop to reggae-fusion, the beats behind the track provide an uplifting beat. On top of this, the electronic notes are atmospheric and bring a steady tempo to compete with the beats. Adding Holly’s vocals, they merge elegantly with the electronic notes and give the track more of an ethereal flavour. The artwork alone gives the impression as if there were multiple vocalists on the track. However, it’s just Holly and her many layers. The vocal harmonies in the chorus are a delight as the beats lessen and the aura around the electronics is boosted.

Mask Of Me and Labyrinth both indicate the track has a sense of mystery and the presentation is certainly felt musically. The overall feeling is dream-like in the outro and leaves you with a sense of wonder in Holly’s future work. The sounds and lyric play draw you into Holly’s labyrinth and the track creates a visual. That visual is endlessly walking through the labyrinth to find the real person.

Whilst Holly is said to have quite the octave range, Labyrinth doesn’t fully explore her vocals. There are subtle whispers and spoken moments on top of the virtuoso singing levels, but this track certainly doesn’t cement everything about Holly. You’re going to need a whole album to get to grips with the pure potential of this artist.