horsemeat new single cover for recall

We Review The New Single From Horsemeat – Recall

Horsemeat punch at the sense in their blistering new single Recall.

From gritty Melvins guitars and guttural bass notes, from the moment you press play your ears explode with the group’s merging of grunge, hard rock, and post-rock.

It begs the question when you have a band called Horsemeat, how is your first song title not Recall? But no time like the present.

Horsemeat is a thunderous dynamic of a track from grooving verses to pounding chorus riffs. Whilst vocals feel a little forced to match the stoner rock genre, they do pack as much of a punch as the rest of Horsemeat’s instrumentation does.

Even when the band progress into more prog-rock soloing the drums are still rolling around the heavy route with some engaging fills that break into a speedy outro before it is pulled back like a classic Mastodon track. The guitars want your attention as much as possible and the three-and-a-half minutes of music are going to treat you to many rock variations and time signatures.

The distortion and galloping style of the guitar and the production of the drums are a solid combination for a band that’s currently blurring the lines of rock. If the Manchester group keeps up their varied sound and style experimentation they might very well bleed into a genre of rock waiting to be discovered or at least enter a more unique realm than any other British rock band in 2023.

If you’ve been waiting for your ears to be melted and your body resonated with ferocious tones, tempos, and riffs, then Recall is the song for you.