We review the new single from Hunch Power – Stop the World

Challenging world leaders one by one, Hunch Power bring us their brand new debut single ‘Stop the World’.

In a world of social unrest, a climate emergency, and too many political scandals to even mention, Hunch Power have decided to respond to this chaos with a 3 minute classic rock track. The song is a plea which urges world leaders to ‘take action and save lives before it’s too late’.

It’s not just a heavy-hitting message you get with this single though. You also get some groovy rock with catchy chorus melodies to go with it.

Musically it doesn’t land as that original. But the Nottingham band do certainly pay homage to some of their named influences such as Manic Street Preachers, Green Day, and Bruce Springsteen. 

To complete the Hunch Power package we’re given a self-labelled ‘iconic’ music video to pair with this track. The video sees vocalist Harvey Springfield using a symbolic red phone that to call all the people in power that can make a change. You can watch the video down below!

‘Stop the World’ has already garnered some decent attention. Both BBC Introducing and Vive Le Rock! have already featured the track, so Hunch Power must be doing something right. 

Stop the World’ is officially OUT NOW for your ears to enjoy.