We review the new single from Husk – CRUSH

A vibrant synthpop track from Manchester artist Husk. Packed full of energetic melodies and preaching self-love, it sells itself on being a really fun, glittering beacon of hope and beauty as the cold, dark winter days start to roll in.

Filled to the brim with ‘80s throwbacks, CRUSH incorporates relentless synths along with heavy disco influences to create a wonderfully feelgood sound which will surely bring a smile to even the most stoneyfaced listener. Intentionally heavy production reminiscent of Eurasia or other similaracts of the era undeniably works brilliantly in the track, and its all topped off quite magnificently with Husk’s powerful vocals which rise unashamedly above it all.

The real beauty that jumps out at you throughout this track though isn’t that of the synths, nor even their voice, but in fact the message that they so eloquently portray within them. CRUSH is a tale of self-love, it reassures of the beauty found inside and is unwavering in its reassertion of that. Its clear to see why this track has been such a hit when performed at pride events throughout the country, but its scope goes beyond yet that, it is a message of support for whoever may need it.

Husk does in this song what all music should do, they present themselves unapologetically to the world, and speak their truth and their message with wonderous results. It’s a song which chooses to pick out hope rather than hate, and makes it clear throughout that the side of hope will always win. A masterful effort.