We Review The New Single From HWY – Come Up

Hailing from Manchester, five-piece HWY (Highway) blends genres in their emotive new single, Come Up.

HWY’s choruses grasp the listener like water pulling you under with a wall of noise desert rock guitars (think Queens Of The Stone Age) mixed with indie alt-rock flare and smooth vocal delivery.

The layering of fuzzy effects pedals and ferocious closing riff present HWY as a band fit to burst with energy and ready to attack your eardrums. The closing moments leave you desiring so much more, asking why isn’t the track descending into a new bridge. That is the only problem with the track, it’s not enough and almost feels like it’s teasing you.

From the beginning of Come Up, the guitar notes ring out with suspected dark undertones giving the listener the idea this isn’t your average indie rock track and aims to go a much deeper path than acts such as The Amazons.

The vocal delivery soars with confidence and with the kind of brash styling it has, you could slap it against most rock genres and it would work, however, the passion mixed with heavier guitars is certainly most appropriate.

Overall, Come Up is a track that resonates both lyrically and instrumentally with a need to express and give every member their moment of dignified representation. All I can hope is that the final galloping guitar number isn’t just a one-off experience and sees HWY lead into exciting sludge rock directions whilst mainting that smooth indie vocal styling.