We review the new single from HWY – Come Up

A debut single is always going to be something that’s incredibly nerve-racking for any up and coming band, but HWY (Highway) may have one of the most terrifying. Despite forming in 2019, recent years have been a difficult few for the band, due to the COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent fallout. It’s something that many artists, both big and small, were forced to adapt around. 

Despite all of this bad luck, Come Up is a good omen for HWY. Filled with riffs that are crafted to perfection, lyrics that are personal and relatable, and solid production that are an incredible sign. All these show that HWY want this badly, and in spite of everything being up against them, they’re pushing for it with everything they have. 

Come Up itself immediately opens with some beautiful brooding sounds, with the echoing guitars playing off one another, with one tackling the higher notes, the other hitting a more crunchy sound. The bass adds a great substance, and the drums are full of heavy hits and perfectly timed cymbal crashes. 

It’s an incredibly brooding track that takes inspiration from Grunge heavily, but also pulls a lot from alt-rock and metal. Bringing an intense and grand feeling that’s atmospheric and uplifting through and through. It’s within this mood that HWY have really grounded themselves and taken the songs meaning to a whole new level. With lyrics such as “it’s an energy I’ve never felt before”, and “I’m sick of wasting my time, I’m going to take it all”, it’s so clear a blind man could see that this is HWY’s battlecry. 

As a whole, the track is powerful in it’s composition, mood setting with its intense sounds and powerful lyrics, and amazingly pulled off without overstepping the mark into cliche. The track is topped off right in the closing moments, with a false end that gives way to an all out rush of sound that’s the perfect release after the building of sounds laid out by the rest of the track. 

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, HWY have weathered every hardship and roadblock put in their way by circumstance and life passing by. But in the end, they have made it to that pivotal starting point that will truly make or break them. It’s safe to say, that this is more likely to be the former, with a flawless first outing that could really kick the band into overdrive and get them in the spotlight. There’s honestly not a bad word to be said about Come Up and props have to be given to HWY for crafting a perfect track. Time will tell though if they can make lightning strike twice.