When I read garage rock as a description of the music that Hybrid Kid makes I was somewhat surprised to turn on this song and hear the music I did. However, the Brighton-based trio clearly do have a knack for this whole music thing! 

With their latest single ‘Miracle’, the three-piece have really made something quite magical with this song. The guitar line is the first main thing I want to bring up as it was the first thing that caught my ear. Phenomenal playing and to be honest, phenomenal part writing too. Writing a guitar line like that for this sort of song isn’t always the easiest as often, bands will slip into writing a guitar part that sounds just like another song that’s already written. This song, however, is highly distinguishable and has personally blown me away. 

Hybrid Kid has written a song that, on the surface, is so simple in its structure and instrumentation. However, it’s a song that under that surface is a real mammoth track full of soulful vocals, haunting instrumental lines, and masterful writing. 

I’m not normally one for sad songs, however, this one really did have me gripped just purely due to the insane nature of the lyrics and quite honestly the drum beat left me with quite a bit of intrigue about the song. ‘Miracle’ is a song that always feels like it is building and creates a lot of tension but never quite hits that huge crescendo moment for me and it makes me feel extremely uneasy as a listener, which for me is great as it left me wanting to hear more and more of this great band.