We review the new single from I AM SHE – Flow

A catchy dance song with an even catchier groove, I AM SHE’s new single ‘Flow’ is hard to walk away from without at least humming a little tune.

The sixth single the London artist has released in the past few years, ‘Flow’ has got everything you expect from an I AM SHE song. Infectious melodies lie over a heavily produced musical backing that gives it an unquestionable late-night dancefloor feel to it.

Her impressive catalogue makes it clear that I AM SHE isn’t here to just write easy-going pop songs.

Mixing elements of funk, R&B, dance, and electronic, ‘Flow’ is an eclectic combination of sounds that melt into two and a half minutes of expressive and compelling music. Combined with a glamorous music video, ‘Flow’ shows that I AM SHE has every potential to write chart hits. There’s no messing about when it comes to the effort and production quality of her music. Keeping up this element of professionalism only furthers the chances of I AM SHE catching people’s eyes.

I suppose the most sensible next step is to just keep the music coming. If the releases continue to be of this quality then there’s no saying that I AM SHE can’t be elevated to the next level and start really making a name for herself.

For now, you can give ‘Flow’ a listen down below. Let us know what you think!