We review the new single from I Am The Unicorn Head, Eating Cornbread in Quarantine

And the award for the best band name and title name goes to…

Whilst their band name and title of the track is very light-hearted, I Am The Unicorn Head’s Eating Cornbread in Quarantine‘ details the isolated feeling we all felt at some point in lockdown. Detailing the mental struggles we all tackled during the world’s darkest time in years, the track’s message is entirely relatable and walks upon familiar ground.

Musically, the prominently alternative rock track also resides within a post-punk and psychedelic spotlight. Accompanied by a math-rock influenced rhythm section, this collective stand out from the ground simply because of their versatile musicality.

Finding online collaborators via Reddit, English artist ‘Kid A’ encountered American musician ‘Dragon Lord Apocalypse’ and the rest is simply history. Creating the diverse band, the eclectic outfit span numerous genres within the exhilarating new single – making it a must-listen if you like music without boundaries.

At just over four minutes long, this adventurous offering may feel complex within its genre, but it’s very much easy-listening and able to catch your gaze from the get-go. Appearing on the Prog Magazine cover disc for their September edition.