We Review the New Single from Idyllic – ‘Narcissist’

Right from the outset, it’s clear that North West indie outfit Idyllic isn’t your typical indie band, and the latest single ‘Narcissist’ is far from a typical indie offering. With members coming from both Manchester and Liverpool, the five-piece succeeds in bridging the gap between the two cities idiosyncratic aesthetics; a baggy Mancunian swagger upheld by a rich Zuton-esque musicality.

Aesthetics that are immediately obvious from the word go as far as ‘Narcissist’ is concerned. A crisp, dexterous bassline forms the track’s backbone, all the while both rhythm and lead guitars skip and scatter across a bottom end bolstered by an understated, yet effective drum beat that propels the track toward its rapid conclusion.

It’s slick and psychedelic, short and succinct, and though it’s easy to say it’s over all too soon, it thankfully avoids the obvious avenues of descending into a true Madchester freak-out. A move that though ‘Narcissist’ is well-suited to, would feel a little too on the nose.

Instead, Idyllic has delivered a blistering single that feels like the product of their respective hometowns certainly; a melodious jangle reminiscent of bands such as The Stone Roses or The Las, yet it harbours a Libertines-like ramshackle approach to riffing, and a Rolling Stones level of grit and groove, which when combined merge to create something that feels familiar, but also raw and exciting, and we can’t wait to hear what Idyllic offer up next.