We review the new single from Idyllic – Sick and Tired

When it comes to the old school style of rock’n’roll, it feels as though the genre has fallen a little by the wayside in favour of newer genres. With Indie rock, pop punk, and a whole host of other rock genres coming into the spotlight in the 21st century, that feel has been lost.

Idyllic though, they’re trying to capture that classic feel of bands who are now old and grey, whilst staying away from falling into the pit of modernisation. It’s an interesting tightrope to walk, taking inspiration from the classics whilst generally swearing off modern sensibilities. 

With a swinging rhythm and very twangy guitars, there’s this extremely nostalgic feeling to their new single Sick and Tired. It’s refreshing to see that older feel recaptured in such a strong fashion. It’s one that takes people back to their childhood riding around in the backseat with their dad’s rock cassettes playing. That’s not to say that Idyllic sounds dated in any way, quite the opposite! They sound fresh, imaginative, and clean, all things that are fantastic and keep that modern time capsule feel. 

But what is Sick and Tired as a song actually like? It’s not just a swinging song that sounds straight out of the heyday of classic rock artists. It’s funky with the fun guitar work, bopping with the firm drum beats, and catchy with the clean vocals. 

Digging in a little more, the guitars are played with this heavy strumming emphasis that capture feelings of country, classic rock, and a touch of wild west feeling. Along with the bass going hand in hand as a purely accentual tool, it’s fantastic. 

The drums are this very strong beat that brings firm hits and a strong rhythm that’s full of energy. It’s not just a phoned in job either, you can hear through each beat how much fun is being had playing this song. 

Lastly, the vocals keep up this crispy delivery with a well-balanced performance that keeps a pleasant tone and tells a story without having to really try and be something different. It’s a performance that just brings some good ol fashioned singing, no spoken word, after effects, or harsher sounds to be heard. Just something that gets right back to basics. 

And that’s exactly why Sick and Tired is so memorable in its simplicity. It grounds everything back to basics and builds from the ground up. The whole track sounds as though it’s remastered from a band that made their hits before modern recording methods, but no, it’s a sophomore single from today that just takes things back to their roots.