We Review the New Single From Imelda Gabs – Reckless

Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, songstress Imelda Gabs creates the kind of imposing, atmospheric and icy pop that would be expected from someone who lives amongst towering mountains and glacial lakes.

Indeed, her latest single ‘Reckless’ builds at such a gradual pace that it somewhat paradoxically feels over before it’s even really began. This is no bad thing, however. It forces listeners, or at least those that enjoyed it first time, to go back and listen to the track again. To dig deep and find the nuance in the ethereal vocals, the crisp piano or brooding bottom end.

A lazy comparison would be bands such as London Grammar, and that wouldn’t be entirely accurate either. Sure, Gabs’ vocal delivery is similar to that of Hannah Reid’s, but where London Grammar have a strong reliance on synths and electronics, there’s very little of that at play here. Instead,  there’s very little going here that isn’t acoustic, Gabs’ voice and a couple of piano tracks are all it needs to really soar.

This said, ‘Reckless’ feels far from the uplifting and emotionally optimistic offering that such adjectives suggest. Instead, it’s cold and moody, and finds Gabs musing on the idea of relationships and the insecurities and anxieties that brings with it. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. And while such narratives might well be commonplace to the point of feeling boring, in Gabs’ hands it’s the opposite.

Downbeat it might be, but ‘Reckless’ should be the track that will elevate Imelda Gabs head and shoulders above her contemporaries. An absolutely stunning release.