We Review The New Single From InAir – Same Skies

InAir captures the spirit of late 00’s alt-rock with emphatic vocal deliveries and walls of noise in their latest single, Same Skies.

The Reading trio has captured influences from the likes of Enter Shikari and Bring Me The Horizon with smashing overdriven guitars and larger-than-life choruses that build on energy and emotions.

With the addition of electronics for both the heavier and then softer bridge moments, InAir takes their sound in sonically entrancing directions. The chord-focused guitars and soaring vocals capture the passion within the sound and feel as though InAir put as much effort as they could into this piece of music.

The instrumental work in the verses and additional reverb extension to the vocal work certainly adds an atmospheric element to the overall sound. The chorus and post-chorus enjoy the layering of guitars and sustainability that bury your ears in noise that does before the lyrical and vocal contributions justice.

The high-energy mix of heavy guitars, warm southern vocals, and additional filler electronics make InAir easily accessible for audiences who have been looking for a melodic alt-rock band with a heavy touch. The production of Same Skies feels like a rebirth of the disgusting amount of good alt-rock bands we had coming through in the late 00’s/early 10’s and its this rebirth in alt-rock sound that could see InAir joining the bills of a large variety of bands from alt-rock to post-hardcore.