We review the new single from Infidels – Black Apple

Good luck listening to this track without it ending up on loop in your head, because I think it’s almost guaranteed. ‘Black Apple’ is the new single from Hull-based band Infidels, and is jam-packed with indie noise.

One of the reasons music like this works so well is its simplicity. There’s no need for complex chords, overly intricate basslines, or five minute drum solos. It just has to be easy-going, relatable and upbeat. Simple but effective.

Discussing the song’s meaning, previous Infidels singer Andy Towse said ‘’it was a vision of storming out of a house after an argument. And reading a ‘novel’ somebody text you afterward, on your black apple iPhone. Then finding someone new on your black apple iPhone.’’. 

The romantic story in the modern-day world is such a classic subject for a jangly guitar band. I suppose, however, that we’ve heard it done so many times before because at the end of the day people will relate and get behind it.

Infidels said themselves that the track ”could come from any era, and indeed, any location, such is its universal appeal.”. Whilst I do think a lot of people will get behind the tune, I don’t want to inflate the band’s ego too much. At the end of the day, there will be people who think this isn’t their cup of tea. Infidels just have to focus on the people that support them, and write music for them rather than for ‘universal appeal’.

Either way, they’ve done a great job at creating a catchy and fun single. If you want to give it a listen, it’s out and ready to be drilled into your skull until all you can hear is its repetitive indie chord progression.

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