We review the new single from Infidels – See Red

Effortlessly cool and drenched in American soul, you wouldn’t believe this track only came from East Yorkshire!

‘See Red’ is the brand new single from Hull-based band Infidels, and this time the band has taken a much more chilled-out approach to their sound. A soft rhythm is met with the synchronisation of guitar and bass as two vocal lines dance over in a flowing fashion.

The seemingly endless hook of ‘You make me wanna see red’ that the two vocalists announce is nothing short of an earworm. You’d be fortunate to escape the listen without it rattling around in some corner of your mind.

The band describes their music as ‘the soundtrack to a film in your head, a shimmering cinematic score that provokes and soothes in equal measure. 

You can’t argue there is a soothing element to their sound. In terms of a film soundtrack, in this instance, I can’t help but imagine ‘See Red’ being played in the title sequence of a classic 70s cop film as it introduces the two maverick cops out on patrol, ready to fight crime at any moment.

With the song now ready to be shared, Infidels hope that listeners will ‘let this beautiful noise become their spirit guide through the mess of these modern days and beyond. Whilst you can’t guarantee this track will transcend everyone’s spirits, you can certainly hope that it’ll give them an enjoyable four minutes of listening and maybe even a new band to follow!

Hopefully, we’ll get to hear more ear-twigging tracks from the Hull five-piece in the near future!