We review the new single from Intervene – Wasted

Explosive, rapid, and downright catchy. South Yorkshire five-piece Intervene are jumping back into the scene with their new single ‘Wasted’.

Nine months since their bold and brash single ‘The Conquering’, ‘Wasted’ sees them back at it with their nihilistic approach. However, this track has a slightly more melodic twist. The bleak vocals are inflected with a touch of musicality. This extra texture that we haven’t seen in their previous work is further emphasised by subtle and smooth flows of brass.

Performed by Backstage Brass’ Sam Fisher, the band had only met him the day before recording. This lucky encounter is one that definitely worked out for the group, with the brass tones creating a new and interesting dynamic to their sound.

That is where the clean-shaven element ends though, as the strain of thrashing instruments are anything but harmonious.

Intensity and energy shoot out of every beat of the snare. With each word, the track only becomes more believable. If there’s one thing you can say for ‘Wasted’, it’s that you can imagine it going down a storm live.

The palpable tension that defines Intervene’s music is one that they’ve worked hard to craft, and the way they carry it through each and every release certainly leave an impression.

Talking about their musical process, the band explained that they’d ‘got into a terrible habit of never releasing anything. Realising the resultant struggle to get gigs when you don’t release music, the band wants ‘Wasted’ to mark the beginning of a period where the band share more.

Sharing music is the smart choice because deciding to keep the music to yourself runs the risk of putting yourself on a high horse of artist integrity, when, in reality, it ends up being the exact opposite.

Hopefully, we get to hear more from Intervene soon. For now, you can give ‘Wasted’ a listen down below and let us know what you think!