We review the new single from Isaac Neilson – Dead Set Dance

With a long-list nomination for Self Producing artist of the year at the, MPG awards, and playing festivals alongside titans of rock and indie, both new and old. It’s an impressive resume, that’s only bolstered by the fact that this was just 2022 for Isaac Neilson. 

But with 2023 dawning on the world, it’s clear that the candle that burns the brightest isn’t the one that’s going out just yet. Neilson is proving that with this new single, Dead Set Dance. 

There’s a thunderous quality to the song, reflecting the meteoric rise from bedroom producer to the big leagues. It’s clear, even from the opening crash of drums, that this song is set for a stadium audience rather than a low-key venue in a basement. 

Keeping the core tenets of indie rock at heart though is showing its pedigree. The moody guitar, full blooded accent and raw vocals, a marching drum beat, and these tongue-in-cheek-isms all give a big attitude to the whole song. 

The drums throughout are this heavy pounding of marching beats echoing in and out with an intense gusto, only added to by an thick and mysterious ambience. Every little moment of silence is filled with some echoing moment, whether it be drums, guitar, or the light amount of synth elements utilised. It fills stuff out and keeps things filled in where Isaac himself isn’t singing. 

Going further in, the guitars themselves are extremely powerful. Starting with a low down and melancholic tune, they evolve into this more funky and upbeat vibe that shows the duality of the song. With one half being about a great night out, and the aftermath of said night. 

The last and obviously most important part of this melting pot, are the vocals. Along with the indie trappings mentioned previously, there’s a range of vocals and even a point bordering on spoken word delivery. It’s a wide range for one track, but comes together very naturally. 

Dead Set Dance, whilst not groundbreaking, shows a definitive talent to Neilson’s craft, whether it’s his songwriting or delivery. They’re all top notch and give a resounding oomph to the whole song. It’s definitely noticeable why he’s made this quick rise to the top and looks poised to reach even greater heights before the year’s end.