We review the new single from Isaac Neilson – Tear This Down

With this track, Buxton singer Isaac Neilson brings together driving guitar riffs with melodic and entrancing vocals to announce himself to many with real vigour. Having done studio work for other artists he is now setting out on his own, and it’s clear from this track that he’s going to draw on all his past experience to create some really invigorating, yet well-polished music.

This track is unashamedly catchy. It has everything you need for the perfect indie rock’n’roll song. The punchiness of the guitars is ever present and keeps you hooked from start to finish, the drum beats constantly force a tap of the foot, and the melody is somehow instantly memorable. The thing that sticks with you the most though, quite luckily for a singer-songwriter, is his seemingly effortless vocal talent.

With great range, it somehow simultaneously feels brilliantly fresh but also so familiar as he switches between ferocity and frivolity time and time again throughout.

Tear This Down grabs you by combining rawness and melody to produce a truly mesmerising indie tune. His is a sound that possesses bucket fulls of bravado as it swaggers through its piercing verses, never doubting itself for a moment, and the result is something quite magnificent. It oozes self-belief in his still emerging sound, but most importantly it has the music to back it up. A fantastic offering and we look forward to his next one.

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