Isaac Neilson


This new track from Buxton artist Isaac Neilson triumphs with its upbeat and infectious indie sound.

Swaggering rhythms are present from the off as he launches straight into a simple but ultra-catchy riff immediately which continues to be present throughout. Packed full of unrelenting energy, it instantly has the feel of a real indie party floor-filler. It takes all the landmarks it needs to be successful in this; The crashing drugs, the memorable riff, the bullish vocals, and it brings them all together is a brilliantly crafted three-and-a-bit minutes.

In what feels like something of a breakthrough period for him, Neilson is set to play YNot Festival this year in his home county, and tracks like The Fight Within Us are sure to serve him well. It feels so wonderfully set up to be performed live. Everything about the track is done full throttle, and feels like it will lend itself perfectly to creating a real raucous atmosphere when it is wheeled out live.

This track can almost be described as a happy accident. Whilst struggling to get a different track right during a recording session he deciding to go back to the drawing board. He sat down and began writing about the absurd self destructive, “Highlights Package” lifestyles many of us try to life now, threw those lyrics over a real punchy riff, and The Fight Within Us was born.

If this is what he can write with his back to the wall during a recording session, to say he’s got a big future ahead would be a shameful understatement. His rise through the musical ranks has already begun, and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping any time soon.

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