We review the new single from ISAAC – Open Eyes

ISAAC serve us a slice of sunshine on a cold winters day with their latest single ‘Open Eyes’.
The Macclesfield-based band is the brainchild of musician and singer Howard Brown blending the genres of reggae, rocksteady, upbeat ska and two-tone in their sound.

After the release of debut EP ‘Peoplness’ back in late 2018, this was followed up with the ‘Phoenix Rising’ EP earlier this year. ISAAC manage to supply a shot of positivity through their music and this latest tune is no exception.

Running at just short of three minutes in length – ‘Open Eyes’ utilises the slow and steady tempo so synonymous with the ‘rocksteady’ sound that will have you nodding along from start to finish.

Laced with a loop of keyboards, thumping bassline and rhythmic percussion – the guitar solo which kicks in around the 2.20 mark is almost wistful in its melody. Brown’s vocals have a light and gently soothing delivery.

Lyrically we’re advised to face whatever problems come our way. “Open up your eyes and look inside”.
It’s something we all experience in life (even more so during these current difficult times), but its amazing what a little introspection and a positive attitude can do as we head into a new, and hopefully brighter year ahead.