We review the new single from Ivy Eye – Make My Way Out (To the Sun)

Addictive duo Ivy Eye create a disco, funk soundscape that’s best served on a good set of speakers and your feet dancing around your household. Back with their sophomore single ‘Make My Way Out (To the Sun)‘, the single especially follows in their glistening debut single Peace of Mind, which we had the pleasure of reviewing when it came out.

Cementing their fun-loving sound, the passionate new single explores a nostalgic presence yet still sounds refreshing to the times.

The perfect track to introduce your close ones into the world of Ivy Eye, just when you think the two-piece can’t get any better, they crank up the level.

Sounding like the lovechild of Tom Misch and Earth Wind and Fire, this soulful offering even walks down avenues of indie-pop and could easily find placement in the mainstream charts.

Armed with an ear-worm chorus and a polished production, the distinctive funk-pop cuts through the rest of Ivy Eye’s discography with a fierce arrangement.

The type of track you stick on for serotonin, ‘Make My Way Out (To The Sun)’ is best described as exceptional and a fitting track for summer 2021.