We review the new single from Jack Wakeman and the Dreamstriders – Visions

Yearning for something better in your life or frustrated by the powers that be? This is the anthem for you. The latest release from Jack Wakeman & the Dreamstriders dropped August 27th, and has already left the band with new fans wondering why they weren’t on the journey with them from the very beginning – me including!

Written by Jack during a personal identity crisis, the track will speak volumes to thousands across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Written as a reaction to longing for something more caused by social isolation, anxieties and what-ifs, ‘Visions‘ exceeds expectations and keeps on running.

Based on an indie-rock arrangement, the pulsating bassline will steal your attention from its very first pluck. Leading through the doom and gloom with Jack’s iconic vocal, the just under four minutes long track is best described as a visionary.

Recorded at Whitewood Studios, Liverpool with Danny Woodward (BC Camplight), the track was further mastered by Pete Maher (U2). You wouldn’t believe this is Jack Wakeman & the Dreamstriders debut, it sounds like they’ve been playing for years. Forming at the start of 2021, the youthful band may not have long on the clock but are certainly serious contenders on the Glasgow circuit.