Jacoby’s psychedelic leanings give their punkish instrumentals an added hallucinogenic twist. The still relatively new band – their formation occurring in London in 2020 – can create wacky noises using whimsical instrumentation, but they never relinquish their rock ‘n’ roll pedigree.

Take the artwork accompanying their newest release ‘Freedom Ain’t No Sin’. Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man appears to be controlled by a puppeteer with an eye for a head. Nice!

It all makes sense only three seconds in, when the ghost of Tangerine Dream glides through the mix, producing rigid synth hits that subsequently give way to a more traditional instrumental backing.

Contrasting this is the surprisingly dirty recording, which combined with the hints of psychedelia make for a bizarre aesthetic. It is a little too lo-fi at times – the drums sounding particularly trashy – but it’s an admirably odd atmosphere created.

Behind the mirage of chaotic sounds, the song itself is largely straightforward. That’s not a criticism, but if this song had a noteworthy weakness, it would be the somewhat timid songwriting – at least in comparison to the wild mixing and production.

And wild is the word. Guitars briefly give way to an incomprehensible mix of Daft Punk’s vocoder stylings and Muse’s operatic grandeur. All the while strange acoustic details and embellishments litter the mix both delightfully and uncompromisingly.

It’s a fun single from Jacoby and one that displays a great deal of promise. Overwhelming and untidy, exactly as it should be.