We Review the New Single from Jae Deco – Grim

Knowing where to start with the new single from Chicago’s Jae Deco depends entirely on how one views it. Going in ignorant of the artist’s previous work, as I was, it’s easy to overlook the fact that ‘Grim’ is probably very much tongue in cheek. We’re it not, it would leave plenty more to be desired.

Even if Deco’s tongue is planted firmly in his cheek, however, the fact remains that for the most part, the track feels rushed, or perhaps underdeveloped. And even with such an atypical concept behind it, there’s more than a sense of the familiar in its electronic production.

Conversely, the track’s saving grace also comes in the form of its production too. Having spent his formative years in madrigals, Deco has used this influence to great effect, creating a haunting and ethereal vocal line that dips in and out as the track progresses.

Unfortunately, however, it isn’t enough to save it from the trite nature of the track’s verses. “The result is a fun dance song that I think a modern gay vampire would make after living hundreds of years” Deco explained. And while it’s obvious he was aiming for somewhere close to Lady Gaga’s sultry performance in American Horror Story, he’s landed somewhere closer to the underwhelming nature of Edward Cullen.

It’s a shame, as should one dig deeper into Jae Deco’s catalogue, and you’ll find an array of equally camp, but arguably much more arresting cuts that offer better insight into the Chicago-based artist.