We review the new single from Jake Aldridge – Down

One of RGM’s favourite country artists around Jake Aldridge is an intriguing artist with layers of charisma. Previously a rapper, Jake turned to singing and even changed courses to become a country artist, and he’s never looked back.

Produced by Nashville-based Simon Reid and co-written with multi-instrumentalist David Edward Booth, ‘Downis a tribute to and a celebration of ‘the underdog’. Armed with an easy-listening arrangement and an ambitious pop-rock atmosphere, there’s no way you can be down while listening to this empowering single.

Fuelled with honesty, genuineness and sincerity, the heartfelt single is passionately executed and showcases an artist taking the next step forward in his career.

Sharing his personal life experiences with the world, Jake’s remarkable story has certainly been a catalyst for his budding career in the industry. There’s only one thing that feels slightly safe within ‘Down‘ and that’s the vocal melody. Feeling somewhat forced and predictable as the track continues, it’s catchy but not in the way that you want it stuck in your head.

Taking the secure route, the track could have been more adventurous melodically, but it still comes across as an important stepping stone for Jake.

This is a real celebration of being true to your roots.