We review the new single from James Burt – Leave So Soon

‘80s vibes dominate this new track from Chesterfield singer James Burt, as flashdance-inspired rhythms and glamorous bursts of electric guitar combine to create a sound that is equally as catchy as it is nostalgic.

Leave So Soon certainly feels like a real diversion from what Burt has released before this. Whilst maintaining the heartfelt, deep qualities of his songwriting, he has expanded the depth of his sound, resulting in a more dynamic, and much more anthemic final outcome.

Even with a much more complete sound for it to sit atop, the overwhelming showstopper is, as with all of his tracks so far, Burts mesmeric vocals. It speaks volumes for his ability that even when surrounded by weird and wonderful sounds and overtly nostalgia inducing beats, it is his voice that comes to the fore.

For this quality he has been described as a “Superstar in the making”, and it’s hard to disagree on the current evidence.

With all the references to being an ‘80s throwback, and all the associated imagery that conjures up, it’s easy to overlook just how good it is purely as a piece of music.

Whether it throws your thoughts back to a bygone era or not, this still feels like a song for here and now which takes inspiration from the past, rather than trying to replicate it.

Whether you were listening to this song today, thirty years ago, or thirty years in the future, it is a funky, ecstasy inducing track. A perfect summer anthem, and one which needs to be heard.